Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Addition to the Family

It has been way to long since the last time I updated my blog. So, I am going to go back through and start up dating it with current stuff as well as with some things from the last year. The biggest event was when Baby Will was born back in September. I will do a few posts of his birth and a few pictures but here is a photo of the family all together.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jack at the Jazz game

Last year we took Jack to a Jazz game and before the game we were able to get pictures with Matt Harpring and The Bear.  Both were so cool to him and so willing to take pictures and play around with him.  It was a great night.  Now Jack absolutely loves going to the Jazz games.

4th of July

So we had a very fun 4th of July, which included Jack riding in the Pepperwood Parade throwing out candy, while Sammy ate the candy that people through out.  
After the parade I played in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament with my brother's Greg and Danny and brother-in-law Cory.  We thought we were going to get crushed considering we were the oldest team by at least 10 years, but we actually played very well and ended up losing in the semi-finals.  All thanks to the family who stayed with us and cheered us on.
Later we went down to the Snarr pool and swam.  Jack finally is willing to swim by himself, with his lifejacket on of course, but at least he is no longer holding on to the side. Sammy sure loves the pool though, he does not want anyone to hold him, he just wants to layback and float by himself.  He has now gotten to the point where you can swim underwater. All you have to do is put goggles on him and then have someone push him under the water head first and then let go and he will kick and swim his way to Erin.  He is so cute, he will smile the whole time and absolutely loves it, he loves it so much that he starts to cry when you get him out.  Dang cute!
Finally we went back to my parents for dinner and a little fireworks, which turned out to be a ton of fireworks thanks to my Dad and Costco.
All in all it was a great 4th of July.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Kiss from Sam

Sam is so stinking cute.  He has got his own little personality, it is awesome.  So his new thing is to wave and give kisses.  We just had to video record it before he stopped.  :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Pics of the Boys

I have not been very good on taking pictures of the boys lately.  Good thing Erin will pick up the camera and do it for me.  Plus she is a much better photographer than I am.  So here are a few of the pictures that Erin took.  

Sam is getting so big and is finally starting to crawl.  Jack is still as cute as ever.  He is currently is a preschool which he absolutely loves.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pet Peeve's

I was tagged on Lexee's blog again, but this time I am supposed to list 10 of my pet peeve's.  And then I am supposed to tag 10 other people, but I do not think that 10 people read my blog, so anyone who does read it, consider yourself tagged.  But then you have to leave a comment so I can read yours.  Fair enough.  Ok so here goes:

  1. My biggest pet peeve of all has to be when you are driving down the road and someone just cuts you off and almost hits you, so you swerve to miss the moron and you honk your horn and sure enough, here it comes, the middle finger.  I do not get this.  You were in the wrong, just man up to it and say sorry, but why is it my fault that you do not know how to drive.  As you can tell, this really bugs me.
  2. The second thing that bugs me is when you call or text someone who you know always has their phone on them, and they never return the message.  I do not understand this, Just send a quick message back that say's "can't talk now" or something, anything.  But I do have to say I am guilty of this sometimes myself.  So I probably shouldn't let it bug me but it does.
  3. The next thing is when you are texting someone back and forth and then all of a sudden they disappear.  I know you got the message because you just had your phone.  I do not get it.
  4. My next has got to be open cupboard doors.  When you get something out, just shut it behind you.  It really is not that hard.
  5. The next has got to be when people agree to do something to your face without having any intention to really to what they say they are going to do.  For example you say: "Hey, do you want to hangout tomorrow night?"  reply: "Oh totally, that would be awesome."  Just to find out later they are going to come up with some lame excuse as to why they are going to cancel.
  6. This one really bugs me.  It is when people stop in the most narrow part of a walkway to talk to other people.  You know what I am talking about.  Those people who stand there talking making it so that people cannot get by, or only a single row of people can get by, just move over to where there is more room and let everyone get by.  Watch tomorrow in church, as class get outs, and everyone is walking the halls, this will happen.  It usually happens at the corners of the hallways. 
  7. The next is people who smoke.  I cannot stand this.  It stinks, it is sick and it will kill you.  How dumb have these people got to be, I just do not get it.  And the biggest thing that bugs me is when I have to walk through your filth just to get in a store.  Public bathrooms stench is not as bad, I do not have to walk through that to get inside a store, so why should I have to walk through people's smoke to get inside.  This bugs me a million times more when I have my kids with me.
  8. The next is people who litter.  I mean come on, is it really that hard to wait until you find a garbage can, there is one on every corner.
  9. I know this one is on me, but I cannot stand to repeat myself.  I know it is usually because I said it too quiet or what ever, but the second time does not bother me as much as the third.  I totally lose my cool by the third time, because it usually means the person is just not listening.
  10. The final is when I get caught up in these things and actually let them bother me to the point where I treat people bad.  I cannot stand when I let things get to me, I really try to always stay positive, but sometimes I am not, and that ultimately is my biggest pet peeve.  I want to treat people with kindness and not let things bother me, so that is why this is me biggest pet peeve, even over #1.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Funny Experience

I had the funniest experience the other day so I thought I would put it on my blog.  So first off, a couple of years ago my dad bought my mom a beautiful brand new yellow corvette for Christmas. She has absolutely loved this car, and it is fun to see her drive it, even if the average speed is only 19.6 mph.  :)  Well anyways, I was having one of those days where it seems like everything is just going wrong.  I had just sold Erin's car a couple of days prior and we only had one car, so I had been driving my motorcycle to work, Brrrrrr.  (That will be a different post.)  But it had started to rain on this Friday and so I had to take the truck I just bought a week prior into work and leave Erin without a car.  The truck had been giving me problems earlier in the week so I decided to get it checked out.  Come to find out the previous owner had drilled small holes in the bottom of the floor for his amp, and had punctured the gas tank several times.  So now we were down to ZERO cars.  This is not the funny part, but it is helping set the stage...

Since my parents love me so much, for some odd reason,  they told me I could go and borrow the corvette, or as Jack calls it "Mimi's Car Yellow."  So I had to hitch a ride from the dealership to my parents house.  Once I got there, I was pretty excited to go and get the car.  So I ran and grabbed the keys, pulled the cover off, jumped in, shut the door and got ready to go.  In the new body style corvette everything is electronic even down to the door openers which are push button electronic releases.  So as I jumped in and got ready to start the car, I realized the battery was dead due to sitting all winter long.  "No big deal" I thought, as I was at my parents house anyways and my dad has every tool imaginable.  "I will just go and charge the battery and be on my way."   I said to my self.  So I go to get out and the door will not open.  Since the battery was dead, nothing worked on the car, not even the door opener.  There had been just enough battery to let me in, but not let me out.  Not knowing what to do to get out because the windows, the doors, nothing will work I was just stuck, I just started to laugh.  All you have to do is just picture this, the garage is dark with just a little bit of light coming through some of the windows and there is me, sitting all alone silent in "Mimi's Car Yellow"  I have to say, I sat there for about 10 minutes just laughing at my day, until I decided I need to get out.  So after a few minutes of searching, I finally found a leaver that I had no clue what it did, so I thought what the heck and I pulled it and the door popped open and I was finally free.  I spent about 15 minutes total in the car before being released and all i could do was just laugh about the situation.  So I thought I would share my fun experience with everyone 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Boys!!!

Here are two pictures that I just loved of the boys hanging out watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  And then a picture of Jack after his first day in Primary.

Christmas Day!!!

Here are a few of the photos from Christmas morning.  Jack was most excited about his Star Scream Transformer and Ironman.  While Sam just liked the food that came in his stocking.

These pictures were taken at the Hansen family Christmas party at my parents house.  We were all very spoiled.  Thank you very much Mom and Dad!!!

I have not posted anything new for some time now and I am sorry, for the two people that read this.  :)  But I have taken a bunch of photos of Christmas.  This was a very fun Christmas because Jack really got into Santa, and started to understand the true meaning of Christmas, while it was Sam's first.  So here are just a few pictures.