Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pet Peeve's

I was tagged on Lexee's blog again, but this time I am supposed to list 10 of my pet peeve's.  And then I am supposed to tag 10 other people, but I do not think that 10 people read my blog, so anyone who does read it, consider yourself tagged.  But then you have to leave a comment so I can read yours.  Fair enough.  Ok so here goes:

  1. My biggest pet peeve of all has to be when you are driving down the road and someone just cuts you off and almost hits you, so you swerve to miss the moron and you honk your horn and sure enough, here it comes, the middle finger.  I do not get this.  You were in the wrong, just man up to it and say sorry, but why is it my fault that you do not know how to drive.  As you can tell, this really bugs me.
  2. The second thing that bugs me is when you call or text someone who you know always has their phone on them, and they never return the message.  I do not understand this, Just send a quick message back that say's "can't talk now" or something, anything.  But I do have to say I am guilty of this sometimes myself.  So I probably shouldn't let it bug me but it does.
  3. The next thing is when you are texting someone back and forth and then all of a sudden they disappear.  I know you got the message because you just had your phone.  I do not get it.
  4. My next has got to be open cupboard doors.  When you get something out, just shut it behind you.  It really is not that hard.
  5. The next has got to be when people agree to do something to your face without having any intention to really to what they say they are going to do.  For example you say: "Hey, do you want to hangout tomorrow night?"  reply: "Oh totally, that would be awesome."  Just to find out later they are going to come up with some lame excuse as to why they are going to cancel.
  6. This one really bugs me.  It is when people stop in the most narrow part of a walkway to talk to other people.  You know what I am talking about.  Those people who stand there talking making it so that people cannot get by, or only a single row of people can get by, just move over to where there is more room and let everyone get by.  Watch tomorrow in church, as class get outs, and everyone is walking the halls, this will happen.  It usually happens at the corners of the hallways. 
  7. The next is people who smoke.  I cannot stand this.  It stinks, it is sick and it will kill you.  How dumb have these people got to be, I just do not get it.  And the biggest thing that bugs me is when I have to walk through your filth just to get in a store.  Public bathrooms stench is not as bad, I do not have to walk through that to get inside a store, so why should I have to walk through people's smoke to get inside.  This bugs me a million times more when I have my kids with me.
  8. The next is people who litter.  I mean come on, is it really that hard to wait until you find a garbage can, there is one on every corner.
  9. I know this one is on me, but I cannot stand to repeat myself.  I know it is usually because I said it too quiet or what ever, but the second time does not bother me as much as the third.  I totally lose my cool by the third time, because it usually means the person is just not listening.
  10. The final is when I get caught up in these things and actually let them bother me to the point where I treat people bad.  I cannot stand when I let things get to me, I really try to always stay positive, but sometimes I am not, and that ultimately is my biggest pet peeve.  I want to treat people with kindness and not let things bother me, so that is why this is me biggest pet peeve, even over #1.


brandonandlexee said...

Wow you popped those out must get bugged A LOT!!! :) I agree with the smoking--especially when someone blows a puff right when you are passing. When I was pregnant I would get soooo ticked! I am probably mean but I hold my hand over my nose when I pass someone blowing smoke:0)
And I will try so hard never to make you mad...did you notice it was mostly about when people blow you off!?! :0) Good thing you are a nice guy and can forgive all of our shortcommings!
ps: don't touch my ears!!!!!

Brandon and Tenille said...
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Bree A. said...

I read your blog and you have good pet peeves. I will have to put mine on our blog. Have a good one. Say hi to Erin