Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jack at the Jazz game

Last year we took Jack to a Jazz game and before the game we were able to get pictures with Matt Harpring and The Bear.  Both were so cool to him and so willing to take pictures and play around with him.  It was a great night.  Now Jack absolutely loves going to the Jazz games.


Valarie said...

How fun - what great pictures!

brandonandlexee said...

I didn't know there were any jazz games right now :) that is such a cute pic of Jack!!! Did your new BFF Matt invite you into the locker room after? Oh only like to sneak into GIRLS locker rooms right? :)

Sincerely, Raynie said...

Hey Erin,

I found your blog through Megan Chase' blog. I am so glad you guys are in our ward again it will be fun! Anyways I wanted to give you our blog address as well and hope you don't mind me checking in on yours once in a while?!

-Raynie Hawes